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S-12 Symphony Harp Guitar
The S-12 Symphony Harp Guitar is the first U.S.A. made, all solid wood, production line modern harp guitar.
Dave demos Harp GuitarsWhat is a Harp Guitar?
This video defines and demonstrates the features of harp guitar.
S-12 Harp Guitar with Redcedar TopThe Western Redcedar top adds warmth and clarity to the S-12 harp guitar and also balances the tonal range.
          Harp Guitar Gathering 12
The 12th annual Harp Guitar Gathering
will be hosted by the Powell Brothers Oct. 3-5, 2014 in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
Concert Guitar
The new line of 6-string guitars are now available!  Check out the specs for the Concert and Auditorium size acoustic guitars!
Harp Guitar Documentary "The Hollow Arm"
“The Hollow Arm” is now released online!   Watch the entire film here and  Follow the film on Facebook.